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The organization has been standing out among its competitors by transcending beyond the expectations of the market under the able guidance of Mr.I.Narayana Rao who has served the industrial sector with his prowess expertise in Design, Manufacture and testing of transformers and his undying spirit to work towards a better change has helped the organization and the industry to set new benchmark standards.

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VVE Transformers have a reputation of maintaining top notch quality management system within the organization in designing, manufacturing, supplying and servicing transformers.


VVE Transformers has a team of professional experts with in-depth knowledge in their domains including Engineering, Design and others to build a team of winners that posts record breaking trends in the market every year.


VVE Transformers owns a cutting-edge, modernistic and well maintained infrastructure with upgraded technology by which the present day market conditionsare effectively met and served.

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Our Product Range

  • Distribution Transformers up to 5MVA in 33KV & 11KV Class
  • Power Transformers up to 10MVA in 33KV Class
  • Dry Type Transformers with Encloser
  • Unitized / Compact Sub-Station for Oil immersed and Dry Type
  • Lighting Transformers
  • Isolating Transformers
  • Furnace Transformers
  • Converter Duty Transformers
  • 3-Phase CSP Type-16KVA to 315KVA (11000/433-250V)
  • 1-Phase CSP Type-10KVA to 25KVA (11000/250V, 11000/3/250V)
  • Star Rated Transformers up to 200KVA Distribution Transformers as per BEE Standards

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VVE Transformers

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  In 1885, three Hungarian Engineers Otto Blathy, Miksha Deri, Karoly Zipernowsky invented the first ZBD Model (From the first letter of their second names) alternating current transformer. The Austro-hungarian Empire used these transformers for both experimental and commercial purposes. The principle of electromagnetic induction was discovered and later developed by William Stanley, which is one of the major milestones of 19th century that saw the life cycle of transformers getting transformed beyond what is imagined then. Today the industry has passed on through a number of revolutions and up gradations in the process of generating power. The role of transformers have been always outstanding!  

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