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The transformers magnetic core is built up from cold rolled and precisely grained magnetic steel laminations. Hi-B grade & laser scribed laminations are used to decline the load fluctuations and noise levels. These are leveled at an angle of 45 degrees. The core leg & yoke laminations are deposited in mitered joints. The function is primarily used for easy passage of magnetic flux, avoid no load losses, hot spots, and to maintain low noise level.


The winding are made of `superior quality electrolytic copper. These are engineered and designed considering the current and voltage requirements to maximize the utilization of thermal, mechanical & electrical stresses without any fluctuations.

As according to the requirement spiral, cross over, helical & disk type windings are utilized depending on the design desired.


The active part of transformer is made by bringing the magnetic core with windings & some accessories. In order to obtain the desired height & to guarantee full short circuit resistance the windings are pressed under the mechanical force with calculated short circuit force. All connections within windings & bushings and connections between the high voltage tapping & the tap changer are done.

Vacuum Drying Plant

The transformer shall be free from humidity traces the vacuum drying process ensures total removal of moisture that exists in the active part. The process is made by effective combination of heating in vacuum cycle.

Transformer Oil Filtration

The oil filtration is one of the major parts and the oil is out sourced from the approved suppliers. The oil further undergoes for filtration process before filling in to the transformer tank. The moisture is removed by heating under suitable vacuum condition.

Tank & Final Assembly

The tanks are investigated and cleaned thoroughly later a thick volume of paint is applied before testing after ensuring the active is fully dried and is free from the moisture. The fresh filtered oil is filled in the tank.

VVE Transformers

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  In 1885, three Hungarian Engineers Otto Blathy, Miksha Deri, Karoly Zipernowsky invented the first ZBD Model (From the first letter of their second names) alternating current transformer. The Austro-hungarian Empire used these transformers for both experimental and commercial purposes. The principle of electromagnetic induction was discovered and later developed by William Stanley, which is one of the major milestones of 19th century that saw the life cycle of transformers getting transformed beyond what is imagined then. Today the industry has passed on through a number of revolutions and up gradations in the process of generating power. The role of transformers have been always outstanding!  

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